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Synthetic Humans

Our synthetic human division produces our primary product. Many years of research & development has contributed to your synthetic unit!

Unit Security

All units are structured with an internal hard drive that cannot be accessed wirelessly, which means none of the data that your unit collects are transferred over and wireless connection. This ensures that your privacy is protected.

Peronality Matrix

With a fully customizable personality attribute matrix, each synth comes with unique personality presets set by the customer to ensure that your unit fits your personallity.

Unit Power Stats

All standard units have an average run time of 24 hours with max power drain, and an average of 48 hours on moderate power drain. All units are powerd by one quart of distiled water, and will automatically refill itself when needed.

What unit is best for you

Each unit comes with its own specialized skill packages. It is important that you choose the right unit in order to get the best use from your synthetic human unit.

CX Series

Personal Assistant

AX Series

domestic worker - housekeeper

BL Series

Your Dream Partner

GJ Series

Private security purposes

JB Series

Electronic operators of all types

YK Series

Child android

WR Series

Maintenance of green spaces

VB Series

Sales person

TR Series

Heavy lifting unit

ST Series


RX Series

domestic assistant

HR + FR Series

Advanced adult interaction unit

AP Series

Take care of the household

SP Series

Custom Unit skill packages


$ 8000  
  • Includes Standard Unit Of Your Choice, Charging Station, And Three Extra Outfits

Power Add On

+$ 2000  
  • Adds 25% Power Efficiency For Your Unit; Adding 15 Hours Of Runtime Per Recharge

Simple Custom Apperence

+$ 1000  
  • Customize Eye And Hair Colour, Along With Makup For Female Units.

Complete Custom Apperence

+$ 3000  
  • Complete Customization Of Your Unit. 3D Scanning Options Are Availible.



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