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Geologic Preservation

Delos Innovative is exited to announce the start of our Geologic Preservation Program. We aim to stabilize the world we call home.

Geologic Preservation Program

Shaping our future for the betterment of organic life

    As we all know, our planet is dying. Delos Innovative has come up with a plan to preserve organic life on the planet we call home. Through the use of probing stations located around the world, Delos can record and map the genetic and geological data in the area. Our powerful AI programs can predict what changes can be made to genetic material in order to prolong the existence of organic life on Earth. Hopefully long enough for humans to switch to renewable energy and find ways to cut carbon emissions. However, if the technology arises either from Delos or other companies or individuals that makes it possible to transfer the human consciousness into machine we shall be able to cut half of our emissions right away.

    In the event that humans cannot change their destructive behavior towards the environment and Earth becomes uninhabitable for organic life, we at Delos have a plan for that. As long as we have shielded our AI from harsh environmental impacts, the AI shall live to use its resources to manufacture the tools needed to bring Earth back to a habitable state. Once done so the AI will then move into phase 2 to start producing animals based off of the genetic information recorded during the initial geologic probing, even improving genetic data to better suit the environment at the time. This can be completed by a process similar to what is known as test tube babies. This continues for many years until the plant life and wild life ratio has balanced out. At this point, the AI is ready to start phase 3 in which the next species of humans can be born into the world and taught by the AI program of the ones before them and how they can avoid the same fate.

Geologic Data Collection

Preserving our geologic data

    Delos Innovative has set in motion the process of building probing devices and data collection sites across America and hopefully with the help of crowdfunding, we can set up probing stations all around the world to preserve geologic data everywhere. Once probes collect organic material, DNA will be extracted, mapped, and documented in our database on site for our AI to access the data and start calculations and planing preparations for the Geo-Modification Process.

Geo-Modification Process 

Bringing back what once flourished

    Using developing technology we will be able rebirth plants in a controlled environment to gather the data necessary to create seeds that can boost oxygen output as well as survive in tough conditions. Although it may take many years to complete this technology and start testing, we will have the geologic data to conduct these tests as soon as it is ready. With the aid of our powerful AI programs Delos will progress the eco system towards a more sustainable state for all organic life on Earth. Once seeds are approved by the AI, Delos field staff can start planting them in their designated points on Earth. This process my be long, but the staff at Delos are confident in the potential for life to thrive once more.

Rebirth Process 

The life preserver

    The rebirth process is the last part of the Geologic Preservation Program and is reserved for the worst case where either geo-modification could not restore the eco-system quickly enough and/or humans did not clean up their act, which resulted in mass extinction of more than 75% of the planets organic lifeforms to die out. In this event the AI will awaken and take operation of Delos synthetic human manufacturing and start producing field workers to examine and monitor Earths recovery and conditions. Along with this process the AI will continue with geo-modding procedures to ensure the recovery of our planet. This is called phase 1. 

    Phase 2 is initiated when animal life can live on Earth. If not by this time animals have already resurfaced the AI will produce organic animals through artificial birthing methods in conjunction to synthetic counterparts in order to raise them and teach the behaviors of survival for that animal from previously collected data.

    Phase 3 pushes humanity back into the picture through artificial birthing methods with genetically modified versions of ourselves. This will allow the new humans to overcome many of the behaviors we experience that are because of our genetic code. Such behaviors that have contributed to the downfall of both our social and natural environments. Along the way the AI will teach the new human race to respect the natural environment and avoid the mistakes we have made.

    Phase 4 is quite simple as it continually adjusts the environment and acts as a database of knowledge that the new ones can access.



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