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Artificial Intelligence

Our ground breaking organic mimicking artificial intellegence programs have made or units possible. As well as the foundation of our Geologic Reservation Program(GPP).


EEG Scans For The Win!

EEG scans allow us to get a better look to how the human brain is constructed. Using this data we can create computer programs that closely mimics how the human brain stores, processes, and generates thoughts. Our scans tell us what parts of the human brain are working the hardest during information processing allowing us to map the brain more efficiently.

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Digitize Your Brain?

You read right, with Delos' new found knowledge of the human brain structure we can copy the neural information within your brain to create a digital copy of yourself and upload into Gen 3 units. Research is being conducted everyday on how we can transfer your consciousness into one of our units! This can help us reduce the amount of recourses us as humans consume on a day to day basis. Perhaps this could open the doors for better conditions for Earth to live longer. This project is in line with our new Geological Preservation Program.



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